The Lord of the Elements

A mysterious book written by a reputed devil worshipper with immortality of which only one original and six copies were ever made, has been found and Edward is tasked with unlocking its mysteries. Is the book the original or one of the copies that brought fatal bad luck to their owners and were supposedly destroyed? Meanwhile, William attends a party with his friend ostensibly to meet the rich and famous where he is introduced to the charismatic but rather strange Ralph Meister and finds himself searching in the Arizona desert for salvation as result. This is the beginning of the Lord of the Elements, the forthcoming prequel to The Last Observer. How are these two sets of events related and how will they set the scene for an explosion of tragedy and black magic?

Well, you will just have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, why not buy The Last Observer to learn a bit more about Edward and the Lord of the elements?

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