Theology of Hate

I can’t help looking at what is going on in the name of religion around the world and wonder why as a species we never learn. I think perhaps that is expressed in these few lines penned today….and trust me, I have in mind all organized religions at one time or another or in some place or another….

The sky is falling
The end of the world is nigh
Follow me or you will die
Hell’s fires are waiting
And unless you follow me
You’ll surely burn eternally

What I want to know
Is what makes you my judge and jury?
A pious fanatical pervert
What I want to know
Is how you can be so incredibly arrogant?
So bloody intransigent

I see nothing in your actions
That reveals the loving truth
I hear nothing in your words
To back up your assertions
There is no heart in your hatred
No light revealed in your violence
No charity in your actions
As you in fight between factions
Of the one faith that you proclaim

All I observe is an all-consuming hatred
A need to destroy and subjugate
You do this in the name of a loving God
Please explain this dichotomy!
Please explain this theology
Of hatred, death and destruction
And how you think that this is the will
Of a loving God


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