Memories fade as the years gently pass
The urgency of attraction has gone too
Wished fond goodbye as the years flew
But Lazarus sings still from time to time

Our bond slowly strengthens bit by bit
Shared experiences and the pass of time
Takes care of that my dear partner in crime
As our Lazarus makes his soulful reappearance

Who would have ever have given us a chance at all
The unlikely impossibleness of such a meeting
Our differences should have made our time fleeting
But beautiful Lazarus was our siren song

Kept us together all along.

5 thoughts on “Lazarus

  1. Interesting. Is the stumble at the first line of stanza 3 intended? I think the unnecessary verb clustering may be a typo. And in the next line–an “untypical impossibleness” –this double negative is, literally, a “POSsibility”–is that intended? And I’m curious about why “impossibleness” rater than the standard “impossibility”?

    • Firstly – thanks for the comment and the interest in the poem. Yes – its all intended. Since the meeting took place the double negative was used to create an effect. Impossibleness because of the way that it sounds and because it too is unlikely as its not a real word. The ‘stumble’ gives the line a rhythm that I like creating awkwardness about the meeting…. Hope that helps – but yes, I made it that way deliberately.

      • thanks for the clarifications. I often play fast and loose with conventions myself, but I was unsure here, so thought i’d bring it all up.

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    Sitting here listening to the beautiful Lazarus by Porcupine Tree this morning. For me, this will always be a special song. It was the song that I sang down the phone to a lady 6000 miles away one night. The rest, is now history. Perhaps, given this introduction, the poem has more meaning?

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