Try Looking Up!

If reality is so massive that our brain has to continually decide what parts of that reality to present to our consciousness (and it does!), then what are we missing? A lot it would seem. For a start, we look for what we recognize and have an interest in and we ignore what we do not recognize nor have an interest in. We walk our way through life barely seeing a thing apparently. We sleep.

Most of us commute to work each day and we settle into our routines. Perhaps we catch the train and armed with our favorite newspaper we seek out our usual seat and then relax reading the paper. Perhaps we walk to work staring at the pavement ahead of us while all of the time thinking of the day ahead. Perhaps we drive to work and therefore spend our time observing the road ahead, listening to the nonsense on the radio and thinking about the night before?

The fact of the matter is we simply are not living!

I once wrote an article about living in Prague and going to work – I would link to it but I can’t find it! I recounted how each morning, I watched the pavement ahead of me while deep in thought. Then, one morning, for some reason, I looked up. I stopped walking in total amazement to take in the architecture, the blue sky, the beauty of a city in central Europe. In that moment, it hit me how lucky I was to live in such a place and I wondered to myself how was it possible that every day I did not notice nor even see this beauty? I realized that I slept to work.

So people. Look up. Look around you and open your eyes and heart to the beauty of the world around you. See, look, observe. Give thanks.

Start looking no… start searching in life for the reality you want and deserve. It is there but you must actually look for it.


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