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Chapter 16 – A Lost Soul

As we approach the weekend, and being rather desperate to see some sales, I thought I’d repost this extract for the Last Observer….. its a good little read and available on Amazon and all other book sites at a reasonable price for paperback and or ebook. likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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What is with all the poetry?

This last week or so, poems have been at the end of my pen it would seem. I have no idea why. Anyway, I enjoy writing and poetry is a form of writing right? Whether my poems are any good is up to you to judge but if you do enjoy them please consider procuring one of my three poetry books all available in paperback and Kindle formats at all Amazon sites. You can also go to my poetry page and follow the links there too. Meanwhile, although poetry is dribbling out of me daily, I am making no progress whatsoever on the prequel to The Last Observer. I feel no compelling reason to move forward with it at the moment and need to wait until the moment grabs me

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Lift up your head and look around Take the time to see the world Bit by bit. Open your eyes and really see Observe and focus your attention Byte by byte.   Is this world an illusion? Created in your mind Are you simply a delusion? That God left behind   Now close your eyes and listen hard Hear the sounds around you Bit by bit. There is cacophony in the silence If you have the ears to hear Byte by byte.   Am I the center of creation? Constantly creating Or just an aberration That God left waiting   Bit by bit Revelations Byte by byte Animations No answers No questions Only dancers Dancing on a stage Image: Degas Figure Study 5 likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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