What is with all the poetry?

This last week or so, poems have been at the end of my pen it would seem. I have no idea why. Anyway, I enjoy writing and poetry is a form of writing right? Whether my poems are any good is up to you to judge but if you do enjoy them please consider procuring one of my three poetry books all available in paperback and Kindle formats at all Amazon sites. You can also go to my poetry page and follow the links there too.

Meanwhile, although poetry is dribbling out of me daily, I am making no progress whatsoever on the prequel to The Last Observer. I feel no compelling reason to move forward with it at the moment and need to wait until the moment grabs me and I am again awash with ridiculous enthusiasm to write another novel that no one buys. The Last Observer, is I believe what might be called a critical success. Translated that means, it got some great reviews but no one bought it. As a result, its actually available at some great prices so if you fancy a good read in the vein of Dennis Wheatley then perhaps now is the right time to grab your copy of the Last Observer?


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