The building shakes you awake
Caricatures of unimportant people
Small minded ignorance
In the cold light of day
Torture and twist the minds of the people
With the ancient mode of your elders
Shatter the innocence of youth
Punish the sick under your roof

Material possessions not allowed
And share and share alike
Rich people made poor, poor made rich
Xenophobia gone mad to the end of time
Sickness of the communal mind
Togetherness in folly

Well – you keep your ideology
We’ll put it in an ivory tower
And laugh from afar
You can keep your systems
Freshly painted, in a jar
Invent your weapons of destruction
We’ll have the last laugh
At the power of your deduction
Gone wrong


Politic image

Weird Tales CoverPolitic from Weird Tales: Otherworld Poetry by Dr. G. Michael Vasey published 2006.

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