The Visitor

It was some strange time in the morning

So early it was still night and without sunlight

The air was so cold and you could hear a pin drop

I shivered involuntarily and tried to sleep

But there it was again

The deepest of sighs rattling like a death breath

My blood ran cold

I strained to listen hearing the loudness of total silence

But there it was again

A scraping rustling sound scratching along the hallway

My heart palpitated

At any moment now that door will begin to open

At any moment now I will scream with all my lungs

And there will be nothing there

Nothing there at all

And I will lay and pray

That the morning sun rises soon illuminating my room

And ensuring that my ghostly visitor stays away

Throughout the day



One thought on “The Visitor

  1. Reblogged this on The Wacky World of G. Michael Vasey and commented:

    It is Halloween….. kids are scared and excited – some adults are too! To start with today, I thought I would reblog this poem, The Visitor, as it describes my childhood very well. Incidently, it is also reproduced in My Haunted Life but was originally published in Moon Whispers….

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