I am bitterly disappointed with people I really am. Over the last 20+ years, I have watched on as people became increasingly bitter about their lots. People seem to expect something for nothing and life handed to them on a plate. If they can’t have it then they’ll take it and if they can’t take it then they will do their very best to make sure no one else can have it either. Jealousy. Pure and simple. People are jealous. Everyone wants what everyone else has.

People blame everyone and everything but themselves for their demise too. They blame the government, the rich, the unions, climate change, immigrants, muslims, christians, gays, gypsies…. anyone and everything when they simply need to accept responsibility for their own lot in life.

As a result of this, people are more divided than ever before. The gulf between right and left is wider. In fact, on almost every issue there is no longer debate but a shouting match. No one is listening, everyone knows best and the other point of view holders are slags and assholes. Even the politicians use this tactic now – as does the future monarch of Great Britain. Pitiful.


No one owes me a living. What I have I earned fair and square. I accept responsibility for my own life and hell, I would be a millionaire by now had I made some better decisions on the last 30-years. My fault but I’m still here. Still having some fun and doing quite well.

Here’s what you all should do – quit moaning, blaming and pointing fingers with your head always checking what the Jones’s have and get focused on taking responsibility for your own lives.

Oh and by the way, engaging in impolite slagging sat behind your PC rather than actually listening and debating is moronic.

Yep, I’m disillusioned right now.

I’m sick of people telling me what I should and shouldn’t have. What I should and shouldn’t do and furthermore, I am sick of people who think I should pay for them too.


Its the R right after the F that is in the word Freedom.

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