The Topless Skier

I think politicians are the scum of the earth.

I have made this statement before and I will say it again. They are usually hypocrites, liars, cheats and eminently buyable. They use politics to polarize opinion, cause disruptions and sometimes war. Politicians work endlessly and tirelessly to find ways to be divisive. By being divisive, they gain a following and cynically they hope that the issues they divide us on are popular enough to give them a majority. I think the best strategy is to ignore them and certainly never to vote.

The topless skier from The Lebanon emphasizes my point today. Here we have a country polarized by religion (another crock of polarizing crap) and politics with seemingly endless violence (just as the politicians and religious zealots like it). I mean they have more than their fair share of issues and problems to solve but instead, a government minister feels it his duty to criticize a young skier who once posed for a calendar. I feel sorry for this young woman as the photos that are the center of this non-controversy are not anything extraordinary – topless, yes, but revealing? Hardly. Whoever released these photos should be ashamed of themselves too. For what purpose? Who cares? What is wrong with the human body anyway that people get so fussed about a nipple? We all have them – I suppose even that Minister has nipples?


A cynical man has taken upon himself to be divisive proving himself conservative for his followers. Why does such a man hold a position of ‘respect’ as he is plainly a bully, bigot and undeserving of anyone’s respect? Whatever his reason one can guess that it is self-serving. A typical politician.

For once though, I am glad for social media. It seems I am not the only one outraged by this nonsense. Many Lebanese are too and they have started a campaign posting nude pictures of themselves in support of the Topless Skier. You know, I sometimes question the role of social media but in this instance ….. it is playing a positive role.

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