Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Since I quit smoking I have gained weight at an alarming rate. A few months ago I decided to try to address it and I quit sugar and cut down heavily on sweets. Since this seemed to have no impact at all, I quit breads and anything wheaty. Still, no impact. I increased my exercise levels a bit with longer and brisker walks….. no impact. I cut out a lot of milk. You guessed it – no impact. I went out and bought an exercise bike and started doing 20 minutes everyday…..yes no weight loss at all…..So after christmas, I cut alcohol. At the same time, I have changed my diet and eat less fats and carbs but focus on proteins. I have eggs for breakfast, a salad at lunch and dinner is meat and vegetables usually (reduced my potato intake too).


So the alarm bells went off when I saw that I would soon hit 110kg and I was down to two pairs of pants that still fit me. As of this morning, I am just below 105kg and still only two pairs of pants fit me. My question. What am I doing wrong? At this rate, I will be eating nothing and still maintaining my weight. I simply don’t get it. How can I keep taking calories out of my daily intake, burn more calories and my weight stays pretty much the same?

I have also looked at taking vitamins D and C, drink copious amounts of green tea, try to eat peppers and a lot of other small changes that came from internet research. I am not overly stressed (though I was a year ago in my old job) and I think I get enough sleep.

Does anybody have any ideas? thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

  1. My secret is climbing, you use all your muscles and just the fear of falling will make you loose at least 6 stone (before someone says anything, you’re not to heavy to climb) alternatively you could put up a fingerboard and use that. Otherwise, just to repeat what I’ve been told … eat regularly and at the same time everyday, have a larger breakfast and a smaller lunch and dinner with no snacking 🙂

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  2. I had a similar problem five years ago, Gary – and it turned out I had low-acting thyroid. Might be worth having a medical check, if you haven’t already. xxx

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  3. I’d have a thyroid function checked and do an overall medical assessment for the hormone levels and such.

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  4. Also do a research into a paleo diet lifestyle and give it a committed go for three wks, that was the answer to a weight loss plateau for me.

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