Visualizing the Future

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about a new way to pray in which I highlight a youtube video that says the way to pray isn’t to ask for something but to imagine you already have it. Then yesterday, I came across this article that talks about using the power of imagination to rehearse an outcome. Apparently, it is used particularly by sports people. Magic, is creeping into everything these days it seems.

Yes, this is magic – the old wicked, evil occult stuff……

The basis of magic is to empower and enflame the imagination to visualize something that we would like to see happen in our reality. We do this by using symbols that focus our imaginings on what it is we want. We can use a particular incense to focus our imagination via sense of smell, we can use colors representative of a specific sephiroth on the Tree of Life because that Sephiroth is equated to particular things or properties, we can invoke Gods or Goddesses, planets or metals in the same manner, we can dress and act in a way that reinforces our imaginings. All the trappings of magic, circles, swords, candles, incense etc. – just all ways to focus the mind and the senses on visualizing more strongly on what it is we are seeking.


We are using the power of imagination assisted by some tools designed to focus that imagination even more powerfully in an act of prayer or rehearsal of our future. This is magic or a form of magic.

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