Wakey Wakey People….

Back in 2005, I wrote and published a book called Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul (Thoth) about my own personal spiritual journey. Although a personal tale, some of the thoughts were that all is one and that we are all expressions of the same Divine form – we have just forgotten this. I also discussed reality and how we create our reality, how time and space are fabrications of the human mind and how meditation is the key to self-discovery.

Several books that I have read recently for one reason or another echo my own individual journey. I just finished Believe and its True by Deborah Lloyd. Deborah Lloyd tells the story through a series of chapters that track her life and the lessons that she has learned from it. Each chapter concludes with a short observation about how to live life based on her experiences. It is a pleasure to read as the story is told with an innocent excitement and joy of life that all too often is missing from people’s lives. Ms. Lloyd is from the American mid-west, a rural and Christian background growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Her young life was blighted by polio, painful surgeries and low self-esteem. She married young to Gary who shared something of the same rural, religious background. Fast forward to the 1990’s and through a series of coincidences Deborah and Gary start to become interested in alternative healing methods and approaches including Reiki and massage. As they allow these ‘new age’ methods into their lives, they begin to open to a variety of other ideas and concepts such as the spirit world, meditation and reincarnation. They discover healing, purpose and God’s will in all of this.

At the moment, I am reading Counterpoint to Reality by Stephen John O’Connor. I am only 6 or 7 chapters in but already I see the similarities. In this instance perhaps a closer parallel to my own journey as Mr. O’Connor was with AMORC and several other occult and esoteric schools himself. But what do we find there – you can create your own reality and to do so you must first find yourself and learn to differentiate between the ego and the higher self.

I could go on. I have read many books recently all written in the last 10-years or so. Each is an individual’s unqiue and personal jounry so different in so many respects and yet the conclusions are remarkably similar;

1. All is One
2. We have a divine essence which is experiencing itself through us (perhaps in a dream)
3. We can create or dictate our own reality
4. The key to this is to know ourselves via quiet contemplation in meditation where we can connect with our Higher Self.


It is as if a whole host of people are beginning to awaken. Attempting to shake off the sleep, open our eyes and finally see. It’s just like the Matrix for real.

Isn’t it?

Add to this the books of folk like Anthony Peake who is helping feed this waking up process, or a website like Acopalypse-how.com, or even a novel like my own The Last Observer – all of these books by hundreds if not thousands of people are knocking on the fabric of every person’s core and saying – wakey wakey….

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