Searching for Direction

As you may of noted, I haven’t really posted here for a while. I have been writing short and hopefully funny articles at my other blog but spiritually I am at an impasse. So much so, that I decided to own up to it, lay it out and see what people have to suggest – if anything.

My problem is that I don’t know where to go next. I really fancy (I use that word deliberately) going in the direction of real magical practical work – evocation/invocation – but I am an amateur and so I seek a rock solid and reliable school to help me. On the other hand, I feel a certain calling from the Goddess and so I have looked at Wicca and Celtic paganism. Then as many of you will know, I am also drawn to Bardon but again, I would like to work with others as opposed to follow a solitary existence.

As in my normal life, when I have too many conflicting and irresolvable directions to go in I do…nothing. In fact I do something completely different and non-constructive like at the moment where I seem to idle my time away on Facebook and various websites revisiting the music of my teen years as opposed to making any real progress.

Has anyone any advice for me?

I feel like I am drifting but at the age of 53 that I am running out of time too……

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