Strange (But Good) Book Reviews

Being someone who likes to write and to read books in a certain, well, strange sort of category, I have teamed up with a friend to bring the unsuspecting world a new concept in book review websites – yes folks – Strange Book reviews. The official launch will be towards the end of this week but as usual, I am impatient to hurl this at the world and see if it works! Take a look.

In looking for book reviews for my own novel – The Last Observer – I discovered that there really aren’t many sites that review occult books. This is a crime against humanity I thought and one that should immediately be rectified. And so I did.


Here is the About Us section to further explain;

We like strange books – that is books with topics that include the following,

Esoteric Science
Water divining
Life after death
Astral projection
Gods and goddesses
Esoteric christianity/Islam
Real magic novels
Novels that also teach something esoteric (e.g. Dion Fortune, Celestine Prophecy)

If your book fits into the above or similar, you are welcome to ask us for a review. Self-published books also welcome.

Our Reviews

Our reviews are paid. We offer two types of service as follows;

Basic Book Informational posting – $15
Written review – $30

For a basic book informational posting please provide us with some information about your book and you. This should include ISBN and publisher details and a link to the book on We will post a photo and description of your book along with links to the Amazon purchase page. Your listing will remain on our site without a time limit.

For a written review, please send us a paperback or hardback of your book to the address listed. We will read the book and post a review within 30-days of receiving the hardcopy of the book. We cannot guarantee a favourable review but we can guarantee an honest review. Please don’t be offended if the review is not as brilliant as you might wish for.

So there you go… I am adding a bunch of reviews right now to the site….. Take a peek why don’t you!

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