Reading the News

Whenever I return to the UK and listen to the news on TV I am always forced to conclude that newsreaders there must go to some special school of news reading. I’ve seen the news on TV in many many countries now but the UK is unique and fairly strange. I know people living there don’t notice but it is something to do with vocal inflection. The newsreaders’ vocal inflection is simply all wrong and they always go down at the end of a sentence. It drives me nuts. It makes them sound as if they were afflicted with some strange mental disease from my perspective. It sounds condescending too if I am honest. As if, these superior news readers know something I don’t. I always notice this on every visit.

As if not sounding right might be enough, is it just me that wonders where on earth they get UK newsreaders? Particularly on the breakfast shows, I think the news readers are pretty strange looking people with strange facial mannerisms. I have never observed such eyebrow movement in all my living days and if there where an eyebrow olympics, GB would have a team! The women often look like they forgot to tidy up before coming on TV too with strangely untidy hair.

In the US, news anchors are heavyweight folks with serious expressions and hollywood actor looks. In the Czech Reupublic, they are ex-models, all blonde, cleavage and horizontal kilometer wide smiles. In the UK, they look like people you wouldn’t want to bump into on a dark night. Weird.

Just sayin’

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