Big Trouble

Having just come back from a quick 3-day camping trip with no real connection to the world due to a flat phone battery and no time to charge it for more than a few minutes, I was immediately inundated with the news this morning on CNN. As I read about all the problems, wars and mayhem I have to say that there is just one thing that if applied by everyone would solve most of all of these issues…. live and let live.

Why is it that folk feel like they are bound to force others to believe what they believe, live like they live and behave like they behave? OK so you may think I need to be ‘saved’ from myself. I have news for you – go fix your own issues before you tell me how I should live. All these fundamental religious types who try to tell us how to live our lives where do they get off?


Often they tell us that God wants this. How do they know? All I ever see if some man telling them what he thinks God wants. God wants Islamists to rise up and kill all unbelievers, God wants all gay people to go to hell, God wants women to stay at home ignorant. Where does it say any of this in the Bible or the Koran? What it actually says is You should not kill. There are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

Rather if people would just focus on living their own lives to the best of their abilities and quit finding fault in others, there may actually be some progress.

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