The Book That Got Me Started

Back in 2005 I published my first book. It was a labor of love too….. It is called Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul published by Thoth. It’s still selling and still available…

It is an autobiographical account of my childhood and teens that were plagued with poltergeist and other paranormal phenomena that scared me to death. Later in life, having supressed my innate psychism, I found a real school of magic called The Servants of the Light based in the UK. The book follows my progress through the five-year first degree course of the school complete with entries from my magical diary and shows how becoming an occultist/magician finally solved a lot of personal issues.

It covers topics like how to meditate, what is magic, why the occult is not at all frightening or evil, and many many more questions of that nature.

The book was published at the end of 2005 by Thoth Publications and sells slowly but consistently as it is on the reading list of several schools of occult science. I always though that with the interest in schools of magic and wizardry created by Harry Potter, that some people might also be intrigued by what studying at a School of magic is really like …

This is what SC Vincent posted on one of my blogs about this book…

I have to recommend this book as an honest and well presented examination of how the study of the occult can have fundamental effects on the life of the student. The book describes the inner journey to the School where the author began his formal training as an initiate, and provides a valuable insight and demystification of a mystery school.

I was particularly taken with the openness of the story; Dr Vasey is not seeking glory with his initial description of himself. Many of us will recognise our own first steps in the quest to ‘Know Thyself’.

Recommended for both the absolute beginner starting out with the first hesitant steps, or the ‘beginner’ who has studied for years and who will find much that makes him smile in recognition.For those who, for whatever reason, find the Path difficult, Inner Journeys is a Light shining at the end of the tunnel and the helping hand extended in friendship.

Thanks to Sue for that and I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it here.

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