I was just on a remote viewing site. It has over 100,000 members, many of the posts in the blog have over 100 comments – none of them spam – and it made me think how funny. The man who runs it may well be genuine. I actually purchased his course several years ago and found it pretty good but over $150 for ten cassette tapes is a lot of money…

I think that if you couch stuff as positive thinking, cosmic ordering, remote viewing you avoid the ‘stigma’ that comes with calling it what it is – Magick. Many times I feel that people who write about say .. positive thinking are teaching magick but with one very large difference…. it is usually done for personal profit. i.e. for those who visit the site ti learn how to be rich, wealthy, have lots of fast cars, and so on. Often, these same people view themselves as great christians and go to church and wouldn’t ‘sin’ by studying magick (for them, read satanism).

Funny thing is, in doing what they are doing they are in fact practicing magick that if not black is most certainly very gray…..


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