The Gospel of Thomas

Just recently I have seen a lot of movies at home and I couldn’t help seeing some coincidences in terms of the movies and my thinking at the moment. Lets take for example the Bruce Willis movie – Surrogates – isn’t this a good analogy for how most of us truly are – dead? We are surrogates hiding behind our masks and facades pretending to be people we really are not because we are afraid to be who we actually are or we simply don’t know… we are the dead, we are surrogates.

Anyone who has read my book – Inner Journeys – will also recollect that as a child I used to have the idea – strongly envisioned – that I was a surrogate. Hooked up to a machine and controlling a body out there in the world. The movie may be just a Bruce Willis thriller but it is actually trying to tell us something.

I also watched the movie Inception. This one is about stealing secrets and planting ideas from and in peoples minds through their dreams. It features awesome effects and is a good watch but once again, what are they trying to tell us? Isn’t life like a dream? Isn’t the time of sleep or meditation the real moments of our life?

For some reason, the way these movies got to me made me thing of the Gospel of Thomas. It was this that the movies reminded me of;

Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished and he will rule over the All

These movies and my own thoughts and realizations trouble me deeply and I am astonished at the realizations they brought to me. In the Gospel of Thomas and others, Jesus refers to the non spiritually aware people as “the dead”. Is someone deliberately trying to wake the dead then?

As these things usually go, my thoughts on the Gospel of Thomas led me to an excellent resource which I want to share with you. The site is by William and I think his interpretations are spot on…. The site is called The Gospel of Thomas Fully Interpreted

Check it out….

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  1. Now that’s strange. I was just reading The Gospel of Thomas when I sat it down and said to myself “let me go check out Asteroth’s Domain, I haven’t been there in awhile.” Imagine my surprise when one of the first posts was about a text I had been reading just seconds before. Great link btw, I will definitely be checking it out.

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