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Going Around in Circles

I watched the movie Agora this weekend. It is the tale of the demise of Hypatia of Alexandria and the politicizing of the masses by Cyril, the Bishop of Alexandria who uses scripture to turn the mob against pagans, the jews, Hypatia and even other Christians. How much of it is truly historical fact is open to discussion but it is a superb portrayal of how religion (politics, lifestyle etc. etc.) can be usurped in order to persuade the masses to take violent retribution on others. Frankly, it deeply disturbed me. Don’t we just go around in circles? We never seem to learn historical lessons do we. How can a religion whose scripture is for equality, non-violence, and peace be hijacked by people who turn it into an excuse to

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Is the Conscious Observer Truly God?


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I think I am like my Mum – emotional. Sometimes, I find life to be sad. Its like a tread mill that we all work until finally its over. People die and its sad. People hate and carry hatred with them and its sad. You wonder – at least I do – what have I contributed? What have I achieved? What was it all about anyway? I have my own answers to these questions but I still feel like life is often a sad experience. Its this that keeps me questioning the nature of existence. And ultimately returning to the conclusions that I must first look inwards for the answers. likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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