My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition

Absolutely packed with terror, mystery and the extraordinary with 210 pages and over 50 chilling true stories of the supernatural. MY HAUNTED LIFE: EXTREME EDITION. True Terrifying Tales of the paranormal. A compilation of the hit My Haunted Life Series. This super collection of of over 50 creepy true tales of the paranormal will have you tingling with fear and curiosity. Ghosts and hauntings, evil demons, scary poltergeist, frightening disembodied voices, blood sucking vampires, monstrous demons in the cellar, scary monsters in the cupboard, creepy haunted clothing, haunted lonely church yards, ghostly lodgers, spirits and spooks and much much more…. This is a collection of the hit Supernatural category Kindle series of My Haunted Life books (My Haunted Life, My Haunted Life Too, My Haunted Life 3) by G. Michael

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