Consult My Psychic Promotion

All my life, I have periodically consulted a psychic for tarot card readings. Often, these readings have been amazingly accurate – especially those given by my friend Pat Rickard. Pat is an amazing lady who I have known for about 15-years now from my time in Texas. Now, I am offering an opportunity to win a 30 minute consultation with my psychic! For the next 6-weeks, I am holding a promotional competition to allow one lucky person a FREE 30 minute consultation with my personal psychic – Pat Rickard. All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list to qualify between now and April 20th. Subscribers to my mailing list receivean exciting monthly newsletter with all new and never before published short stories, articles on the supernatural

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If you want to be kept abreast of all things G. Michael Vasey once a month or so then please sign up for my newsletter that I am launching. I will feature short stories, fun articles and news about books….. Sign up here and join a growing bunch of ‘in the know’ people…… you can unsubscribe anytime….

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