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I may well have a passive-aggressive personality? I can be passive-aggressive anyway, but that isn’t the point of this blog post. Nope. The title is meant to be a play on words around my aggressive use of passive voice in my writing.  I tend to fall naturally into the passive voice and I struggle to recognize it and correct it. I have been criticized no end for my passive voice. There was a time believe it or not that I was rather competent in English language. Yes – I even got a grade A at O-Level! 🙂 Then I left the straight and narrow, and veered off in the direction of science instead. As you will see later, this latter point is important. These days, I wouldn’t couldn’t tell a

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The Browning Cycle

Confused, you watch the others to see how it is done. After all, they are now all old hands at everything here. Tanned, comfortable and relaxed, the other guests seem almost brash in their state of relaxation. It’s hard not to contrast that with our own state of Lilly-whiteness and awkwardness, and of course we do, casting admiring glances at the other guests and commenting about them in hushed tones to each other. It’s a mixed bunch. There is the woman who is not just remarkably tanned but very evenly tanned to boot. She moves like a Queen with her head held high and shoulders back as if gliding a catwalk and everything she does is performed with a willful grace and poise that probably hides a deep lack of

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