Your Haunted Lives Extreme Edition (Compilation Volume)

Your Haunted Lives – The Extreme Edition (Compilation Volume) by G. Michael Vasey

For years, Paranormal bestseller, G. Michael Vasey, has collected real, haunting, paranormal accounts from around the world. From ghosts to demons… from poltergeists to Black-Eyed Kids. All these chilling phenomena are included in this compilation.

These stories are all real. Read these creepy accounts and share in the fear, the sheer terror of hauntings, apparitions, and other experiences of the paranormal by people just like you.

Your Haunted Lives – The Extreme Edition is a compilation of G. Michael Vasey’s Your Haunted Lives books. Your Haunted Lives was a massive supernatural best seller on Amazon and its follow up, Your Haunted Lives Revisited, also exploded onto the true ghost story scene. Now, you can get them both in one mega chilling compilation volume…

Turn the lights down low, lock the doors and snuggle up with this collection of tales that will make your blood curdle.