Poltergeist – The Noisy Ghosts

Poltergeist – The Noisy Ghosts – Episode 3 in the Paranormal Eyewitness shorts series by supernatural expert G. Michael Vasey.

Growing up, he was the center of a small, but prolonged and frightening poltergeist outbreak and he experienced firsthand objects moving around, strange noises, and physical activity. In fact, it petrified him. Using that personal experience, true stories from the website – My Haunted Life Too – and other stories, G. Michael Vasey takes a look at the Poltergeist phenomena and draws some interesting conclusions as to what may be lie behind such terrifying activity.

He covers many of the high-profile poltergeist cases like The Enfield Poltergeist and Thornton Heath Poltergeist, for example, supplemented with lesser known but true Poltergeist cases to create a horror-filled book full of accounts of this supernatural phenomena. Grab your copy now…

Poltergeist – The Noisy Ghosts – Episode 3 of the Paranormal Eyewitness series of Kindle shorts by G. Michael Vasey….

Poltergeist – The Noisy Ghosts Reviews

I love paranormal short stories. G Michael Vasey writes true paranormal stories based on actual reports from people. I have enjoyed reading this book.   Amazon Reviewer