The Pink Bus and other strange tales from LaLa land

THE PINK BUS and Other Strange Tales from La-La Land: Amazing Paranormal Encounters After Death

This is the first day of a new life. You wake up one morning, and you get out of bed. You find your slippers, light a cigarette, and look for her. Your wife is nowhere to be seen, the only thing you can hear is kids screaming past your house playing football. You walk down the stairs, half-asleep, and head to the kitchen. You want to pour yourself that morning elixir. You head into the kitchen, and you see the white envelope on the counter. You open it. It’s a card. The flowers on the front tell you that it was sent for an occasion. You open it and see your name. You’ve just read a sympathy card—and the sympathy comes from the fact that you are dead, and everyone is at your funeral. You are the occasion.

It all makes sense now. But all the things you should have done—all the things you wished you’d done—flood your mind. One question blurts out above the rest. You now know the answer, but millions of people on Earth still do not.

So now you know how it stands. But have you ever asked yourself, “What happens when I die? If I just cease to exist, then what was the point of it all?”

If you have, then these encounters will chill you. As we travel on our journey, we will explore tales of reincarnation, life as a ghost, life as a god, creating your own reality, and much more. Each is tinged with a little mystery and magic to make you wonder what is the meaning of life.

La-La land is that place we go in our imagination when we daydream. It is a land full of magic, mystery and endless alternatives, tinged with a bit of fear, doubt and uncertainty.
Your guide will be G. Michael Vasey, an adventurer of the paranormal. You’ll learn from him, so why don’t you come with us? All aboard the Pink Bus for a magical tour of reality. It’s later than you think….

THE PINK BUS and Other Strange Tales from La-La Land by G. Michael Vasey is a collection of supernatural vignettes and short stories about dying, death and the other side.

DISCLAIMER: Check with your physician before embarking on this journey. Do not read this book in an automobile or similar type vehicle. Use in quiet surroundings.

The Pink Bus and other strange tales from LaLa land Reviews

A fascinating, and thought-provoking, collection of short stories by Gary Vasey. Thrill to the strangeness, and humour, of the pink bus; shiver and shudder at the creepy mirror antics faced by Andrew; delight in the tale of Deja Vu - and wonder to yourselves about the nature of reality, the capabilities (so often under-utilised) of human beings and the mysteries of dreaming, life and death.
A must-read for all of you out there who have ever wondered about life, death, the universe and everything. The answer may well, as Douglas Adams so humorously claimed, be 42 - but, in this volume of stories, Dr.Vasey asks many of humanity's most probing questions!
Alienora Taylor