Liminal People: Terrifying Nightmare Parallel Realities

Aliens, Demons, Angels, Shadow People, BEK..

Join G. Michael Vasey as he explores the Liminal people and entities that occupy the edge of our perception. The edge of our reality. Terrifying true tales of black eyed kids, shadow people, demons and other liminal entities fill the pages of this fascinating and scary book.

In the mists of the liminal live both our monsters and the gods. They know of our existence. In fact, to some of these entities, we are prey, and our fear, anger and passions are the energies that feed, sustain and attract them. Others are as our gods and may well have been, or are, our gods.

Recent events involving UAP’s and the news that Governments may be in contact with the entities behind them, make this book an even more relevant read. Especially in the light of recent revelations by people like Tucker Carlson that there may be a spiritual aspect to these entities and, rather than being from another planet, they are from other dimensions of this one. I.e. they are liminal beings that may have been involved in human evolution for good or bad for thousands of years.

In this book, G. Michael Vasey, master of the paranormal, investigates these liminal worlds using all true personal and third person experiences to illustrate his theory about the nature of reality and our place in it.

His conclusions may astound you. They will certainly terrify you.

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