Ghosts In The Machines

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINES. Scary true stories of the paranormal by G. Michael Vasey.

Technology isn’t just for the living anymore….

When the dead want to make contact, they will use any means.….radio, TV, mobile phones, cars – you name it! The ‘other side’ just won’t stay quiet and technology helps them make their presences felt. Whether it’s a last goodbye from a loved one, a warning from beyond the veil, or just making sure we know they are still there.

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINES. – tells how ghosts, demons, entities and poltergeists can hijack our technology to communicate with us. Imagine taking a call from hell? Imagine listening to creepy EVP phenomena on your TV or radio? Terrifying true stories of the supernatural and technology.

“Where are you?”
“In a place between Heaven and Earth,” said the voice and then there was a click as the line disconnected.

Excerpt –
“Look lady, I don’t know who it is you spoke to yesterday, but it wasn’t my wife, she has been dead two years.”

….the ‘spirit box’, through which he claims his daughter has spoken to him saying ‘Hi Daddy, I love you’.

GHOSTS IN THE MACHINES. Scary true tales of the paranormal. A creepy read about calls from the dead by G. Michael Vasey. They will stop at nothing to communicate…using TV, Radio, Fax, Phones and more to let you know…. they are still among us.

NOW also in audiobook format creepily narrated by Darren Marlar of Weird Darkness.

How To Buy The Book

Ghosts In The Machines is available as an audiobook narrated by Darren Marlar or as a Kindle ebook from any Amazon website.



Ghosts In The Machines Reviews

I've enjoyed many of Mr. Vasey's books; this is for me the best yet. "New" technology isnt just for the living anymore.... - Reviewer on

Brilliant, Strange and Wonderfully Weird. A must read. - Reviewer on