Dowsing the Wyrd Web in Moravia

Dowsing the Wyrd Web in Moravia by G. Michael Vasey

Dowsing earth energies has made me finally understand that truly everything is connected. Not just spatially, but through time as well. It has also made me realise that consciousness is everything and whatever that is, it impacts the world around us in ways you simply cannot imagine. There is a sort of feedback loop – what you expect, you get and thus you expect more of the same.”

Connecting with the land via dowsing has led me on an the most amazing adventures into the nature of reality and into who I am. First though, what is dowsing? what are earth energies? How do you dowse and why? What is the journey of initiation that unfolded for me dowsing in Moravia?

All these and many other questions answered complete with many examples from Czechia.

Dowsing has taken me on a journey – into myself, into consciousness and reality and into the world of Templars, Slavs and The Lords of Hradec. It started with a vow to track the Templar line across Czechia and has become a lifelong mystical journey.