The Czech Republic – The Most Haunted Country in the World?

The Czech Republic is a beautiful landlocked country at the heart of Europe. This central European country has a pagan Slavic past that has survived and indeed even been adopted by Christianity. From whipping girls with sticks at Easter to Visits by the Devil, an Angel and St. Nicholas on St. Nicholas’ day, there are reminders of paganism at every turn during the course of a year. A country where each town and city has its own ghost stories, legends and myths, where innumerable castles dot the landscape, each with their hidden treasures, specters and wraiths and are separated by haunted and magical forests. The Czech Republic may just be the most haunted country on the planet!

Discover the creepy ghosts of Prague, the location of the mysterious Gate to Hell, creepy haunted forests, tales of vampires and the undead, Abandoned cemeteries now used for satanic rituals in the dead of night, strange and mysterious imps and elves and much more. The Czech Republic is a country of ghosts and myths, haunted and mysterious places and strange pagan customs.

The Czech Republic – The Most Haunted Country in the World? by G. Michael Vasey