Religious Dogma

I no longer think much to Religions except that as a thought control and fear creation device for the masses peddled by the elite they ought to have outlived their usefulness. Despite that, Religion continues to be usurped for less than religious purposes such as killing, violence, and more….. Interestingly enough, I came across something in Comte De Gabalis that reinforces the issues of Religion and Dogma…. ” ‘God’ is the rendering in the English versions of the Hebrew T.1,’ ‘Eloah,’ and ‘Elohim.: “^ El “does not signify Deus (God) but Sol (Sun).”^ “The word El ought to be written Al. In the original it is AL ; and this word means the God Mithra, the Sun, as the Preserver and Saviour.”^ Since the word translated God in the first

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