Radio, Radio!

I have done a couple of interviews in the last couple of weeks – mainly on the Black-eyed kids. The first was with Passion for the Paranormal and you can catch it here if you are interested. This morning – 4am my time, I was live on Beyond Reality Radio for two hours… when they post the podcast, I will provide the link (It’s up and here…). It was a lot of fun and apparently, they want me back! If you want to read about the black-eyed kids – here is my book that is capturing all of the interest right now. meanwhile, my new book – Motel Hell is out later today on Kindle…. grab your copy?

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Jim Harold Ghost Insight 46 Podcast with G. Michael Vasey

Released today Jim Harold interviews me about ghosts, reality and magic on his Ghost Insight podcast #46. You can catch the interview here. Take a look at his website over at where you can get an idea of the breadth of his interests and activities.

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Real Ghost Stories Online Interview

Yesterdays podcast from Real Ghost Stories Online featured an interview with me – thanks to Tony and Jenny for having me on the show. I enjoyed it and I really do enjoy their podcasts. If you haven’t listened in to one of their shows, I recommend that you do … lot’s of fun and very professionally produced as well. I am in the latter half of the podcast…..

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