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The Magic of Magick by Peter C. Whitaker

In my last blog post I suggested that I would consider the subject of magick in my up and coming fantasy book ‘The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom’. For those who might not be aware of it Magick is ‘the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will’. Magic, on the other hand, is the kind of thing that entertainers do. Is there really a difference? Well, it depends on your view of authenticity I suppose. I believe that the best examples of speculative fiction, that is anything that goes beyond the norm of everyday life, is actually rooted in that same everyday life. Fantastical things may occur, fabulous creatures may exist, but there is also a logic to the fantasy world that they occupy that

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Rock music ~ the sound of prehistory – Reblogged from SC Vincent

During the summer, I spent a magical weekend with friends Sue Vincent and Stuart France… Here is Sue’s account of a small part of that weekend and a lot of fun trying to make music from a rock….   Way back when the world was warm and the sun remembered to shine, our friend, Gary Vasey, came over from the Czech Republic for a weekend. It was to be our second meeting in the going-on-fifteen-years that we have been close friends, and it was a memorable one for a good many reasons. We wanted to share some of the places that had played such important roles in The Initiate, the first of the books Stuart and I wrote together, which Gary had called “a work of brilliance“, sharing our excitement in the journey. So

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Us and Them by Alienora Taylor

Here is a guest post from fellow blogger Alienora Taylor….. first posted at If I am right, then you are wrong. If I am right, then you need to believe what I believe, think the way I think. Or you are wrong. If I am US – and you disagree with me – then you become THEM. If you don’t agree with my mindset, then I am not going to be your friend anymore. Maggie Thatcher’s mindset? Or could it be wider than that? Come on, guys, isn’t about time we questioned this assumption that an admantine mind equals strength of character? That the absolute conviction of rightness – which so easily spills into righteousness – is a good thing? This has come out only too clearly in the

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