Paranormal Eyewitness Compilation: True Tales of the Shadowlands

This chilling compilation volume combines the Paranormal Eyewitness Kindle Shorts series (The Black-Eyed Demons are Coming, Ghosts of the Living, Poltergeists – The Noisy Ghosts) and the Kindle short Ghosts in the Machines into one blood-curdling volume of true tales of the shadowlands.

You will read about Black-eyed kids, Poltergeists, Ghosts on the telephone, and how living people can appear in two places at once in this all-new compilation volume from paranormal author – G. Michael Vasey.

In the shadowlands, strange and often terrifying things happen to ordinary people just like you and I. Read about other people’s strange experiences and learn what they may signify.

Now – all in one volume to keep you awake at night…

The Black-Eyed Demons Are Coming
Ghosts of the Living
Poltergeists – The Noisy Ghosts
Ghosts In The Machines

A terror fest of true stories from the edge of reality – the shadowlands where horror and terror await the weak……

Out in Kindle and paperback formats in time for Halloween!

Also in audiobook format