Revisiting The Old Hag

Last night I re-edited, re-titled and re-covered my book originally called ‘Riding the Old Hag’. I thought that an excellent title by the way but….. maybe not. So now it has the title – Basic Instinct: Erotic Paranormal Contact – The Old Hag and the Mysterious World of Sleep Paralysis. The content remains the same but this book didn’t seem to get the attention that it deserved.

You see, after a life time of paranormal activity and as a result of my clairvoyance and magical training, I slowly came to a startling conclusion. I had long had my suspicions and throughout all of my paranormal books, I will comment on the nature of reality. However, when researching the black-eyed kids and trying to explain whet they were, I started to understand that there are entities – parasitic entities – that feed on our energy – fear, sex, anxiety etc. Long known about in magic circles by one name or another, I can even explain how some of them become what they are. Anyway, a train ride to Germany in a sleeper a few years ago and an Old Hag experience on that train was the catalyst to bring all of these strands together into what became “Riding the Old Hag” – now renamed…

I think I fell into the trap that sex sells so push the book that way. Whereas, the book is really about these parasitic entities and how they plague humanity. We call them The Old Hag amongst other names. They feed on your fear and base emotions and you help to create and sustain them through your thoughts, desires and emotions…..

My plan when I wrote this book was to write another expounding on my theory. However, the book didn’t sell so I gave up on it. Now though, I think I will write that book…….

Give it a try – Basic Instinct: Erotic Paranormal Contact – The Old Hag and the Mysterious World of Sleep Paralysis

A new Kindle version is out, a new paperback version will follow and there is also an audiobook that I cannot change the title etc. but it is the same book.

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