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Last night, for some reason, I spent several hours updating my book sales spreadsheet. I had the last 12 months or so to fill in so it took quite a while. I have several years of sales data now in the spreadsheet. It was an interesting exercise….. here is what I learned.

I have sold around 18,000 books excluding my business books.

My all time best selling book is Your Haunted Lives which has now sold around 3500 copies. For three to four months, this book was selling over 120 copies a month! Released in January, 2016, it went to #1 on Amazon in multiple categories across the supernatural genre. It is available in ebook, paperback and audio nook formats. These days, it still sells double figure every month but is well outsold by the book that sold far and away the most copies last year,

Chilling Tales of the Black Eyed Kids released in late 2017, it didn’t have that sort of performance at first and looked like it would tank. Then slowly, it began to sell in reasonable numbers and still moves 30+ copies a month. So unlike Your Haunted Lives, it was never a big hit on Amazon but, it has moved 1150 copies and counting. It is a compilation of my BEK books and they have been popular in their own right with The Black Eyed Kids – Can We Come In? also selling 1400 copies and the shorter and now unavailable independently The Black Eyed Demons selling another 500. So this content has moved almost 3000 books. Not bad.

My first paranormal book – My Haunted Life – also did quite well and has sold in excess of 1500 as has its supernatural hit follow up – My Haunted Life Too. When you add these two, My haunted Life 3 and the compilation version of the series, its another 3800!

A surprise for me was also God’s Pretenders that was one of my earliest books yet still sells steadily. It has now totaled almost 1000 sales. The Scary Best of My Haunted Life Too released only in mid 2019 is also doing quite well and has racked up more than 350 sales already.

My worst selling books are the poetry of which I have several volumes one of which has sold just 1 copy! The several volumes of poetry have racked up a total of 217 sales or more as I had a couple out before I started tracking sales. The most popular to date is The Art of Science. But do try my poetry… I am rather proud of it.

Here are some other statistics..

Top Sellers

  1. Your Haunted Lives
  2. My Haunted Life
  3. My Haunted Life Too
  4. The Black Eyed Kids
  5. Chilling Tales of Black Eyed Kids

Interesting to note they are all paranormal books.


Top Sellers Q1 2020

  1. Chilling Tales of Black eyed Kids
  2. The Scary Best of My Haunted Life
  3. The Black eyed Kids
  4. The Czech Republic – The Most Haunted Country in the World
  5. True Tales of Haunted Places

Thanks for supporting my writing habit…..

The book I was most disappointed with in terms of sales? Lord of the elements with just 30 sales to show for hours and hours and hours of work…..

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