What Works? My Inability to Lose Weight

Although in lockdown, we are allowed out to walk dogs and take walks – so long as we are only one or two people and wearing a face mask of some type. So I still get my daily exercise and combine it with my bicycle and weights. According to my apple watch anyway, I am burning 3500 or so calories a day. Neither do I think I am over eating – although there are days I have a bit. But, this last 2-3 years, I slowly gain weight.

It doesn’t matter what I do. I have tried;

  • Low carb
  • No carb
  • Carb cycling
  • Eating only in a 6 hour window daily
  • Breakfast/No breakfast
  • Fasting
  • Swimming a km every day
  • and more …

Nothing works!

I believe I eat less calories than I use most days – I even ordered food up to 2500 calories to see – and yet, I gain weight. Slowly and inexorably.

I hate it. Any suggestions????


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