Back in the last century when people still searched diligently for the objective truth, I was taught scientific method. The man that taught me was one of those geniuses who theorized for fun and found ways to investigate his theory to prove it right or wrong. I recall one session he did with the new research students – myself included. It was set up like a whodunnit. We were presented with a murder scene and then told we should ask questions to research the truth, develop theories and test them. The way it was done truly impressed me. It was me who solved the problem as well strangely enough in a flash of inspiration. It taught me how to theorize, investigate and re-theorize objectively.

Roll forward 40 years or more and objective science still exists somewhere I am sure but it has been superceded by post modernist science. That works quite differently. It uses selective scientific observations to support a political theory. Put differently, it says create a theory based on the idea of group identity conflict then twist the facts to suit. I call it pseudoscience. And it is.

Here is an example. The ‘scientist’ believes that man made CO2 is causing climate change. So, he creates a model to demonstrate his theory. He then alters the facts to support the model. This is then called consensus science.

Compare that with true objective science.

We take the observable facts. Create a hypothesis that CO2 is responsible for the climate change. We use that hypothesis to make predictions – about how fast temperatures will change perhaps. We test those predictions. We discover our model or hypothesis isn’t supported by the evidence. We adjust our model and start again.

Today, we have a whole bunch of climate models, all of which massively overestimate the warming trend. Yet, rather than alter the model, these pseudoscientists fudge the data.

Post modernist science…. it is what is taught in schools now and its why the future is going to be pretty damned dim.

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