Spring is on its way

Every day I walk the dog or myself around Špilbirk Castle. Im very fortunate to live just underneath it – at least for now. When my own place is ready, I will move away from it. I always feel liberated and rejuvenated up on the hill. It is often breezy and the views of the city and surrounding countryside are stunning. Today was no exception.

Today, though, I noticed for the first time that spring is arriving. Small blooms of orange, purple and white have appeared as if overnight. It makes one feel joyous somehow to see these small beautiful colorful flowers!






Combined with the views, it made for an uplifting experience ad once again, I felt that connection to the land and to Živa and other aspects of the Goddess. In past this was also because the Moon – a half disk – was also visible though it is hard to see in the photo – it is there none the less.


On one side of the Castle, the Sun was magnificent in the sky. He shone down on me, Rocky and Brno, peeking behind clouds. While on the other the Moon reflected its light on us too.

Some days, it just feels soooo good to be alive!


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