It’s My Life

One of my more popular songs is a rock anthem called It’s My Life. It was one of those songs that as a writer, it is in your head and drives you nuts. You play around on the guitar trying to actualize something in your head with increasing frustration because you can’t quite get there. And then -POW – you got it and in a few minutes of recording frenzy… its done….. and bugger it – I want this song played full volume at my funeral.


A few days ago, a FB friend sent me a private message…. he basically said I was brave to tell it like it was. He agreed with me but if he said as much, he’d be in trouble and lose his job. The same day, I was talking to a client who I go back with 20+ years and he said – you have some balls! I saw your posts and comments on Linkedin. I’m with you all the way but I’d be in so much trouble if I said that…In fact, I have heard this many times in a short space of time. Isn’t it sad when your freedom to speak is taken away? Isn’t it sad when you dare not speak up for fear of losing your job or your clients? When you cannot tell the truth as you see it?

Last night I watched a couple of presentations on youtube. They concerned ancient sites and ‘forbidden’ archeology. The theme in both was that the ‘scientists’ or shall we say the small group of people who focus academically on the subjects – egyptologists, archeologists and so on – not only decry these ideas but ridicule them and even try to stop speakers presenting and TV shows being made if they disagree with the prevailing ‘consensus’. As a young Geology researcher, I encountered the same and the science of geology is full of now laughable theories that were hung onto like gospel by the prevailing ‘experts’ of the day and their academic egos. I recall being put in my place for having ideas that were outwith the co called ‘consensus’ yet years later, finding many of those ideas were now broadly accepted.

I think anytime we close our minds to a possibility or worse still, try to suppress new ideas and theories, we are ossifying ourselves and humanity. As I listened last night, to me anyway, it seems highly probably that the current mainstream ideas on human origins and ancient monuments are simply wrong. I’m not saying I believe every word that anyone says in this or any other area – one has to apply critical judgement and common sense – but there is enough there to start asking questions. The sad thing is that the power that be in those fields will try to stop those questions being asked and ridicule those that ask them. Well, I’m asking and I could not care less about being ridiculed. And, when it comes to other issues like climate, I’m also asking and challenging….. and will continue to do so because this is how science and philosophy are supposed to work. The idea that any theory is the truth as it stands is naive at best and plain stupid at worst.

Like Ricky Gervais – I don’t care anymore. I will say the things that need to be said. I will keep on being me and pointing out the PC nonsense that is strangling our freedom. It’s my life after all and I am gonna live it!

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