History of Warming

These days, we are hammered from almost every source about how it’s warming and the climate is changing. I can imagine for some, it is very alarming and even scary. Me? Well I’m an Aquarian and by nature a contrarian. I also have the dubious benefit of having studied Geology an extra 6-years after school attaining a Ph.D and having published about 8 or 9 peer reviewed scientific papers in that time. This has given me another way to look at things as follows;

  1. I understand how science works – I have played that game….
  2. I have a 4.5 billion year perspective as opposed to a 60-year one….
  3. I know how to do research and how to distinguish real facts from beliefs,
  4. I’m not afraid to say it like I see it.

For me, it could be warming and it could be cooling – we really do not know for sure. Distilling temperatures down to one single global average is just a useless meaningless thing to do. We can look at temperature data in different places and see that some places are warming and others cooling – we can also see that these temperature records are incomplete, fraught with errors and omission and frequently ‘adjusted’ to suit the adjuster’s hypothesis. In fact, a PhD was just done on this topic and the conclusion was that our temperature record is virtually useless. I don’t have the reference to hand but if you google that patiently, you will find the source for the PhD study. Then we get headlines like ‘warmest year on record!’ Scary stuff except – what record? If you look at history you will find how stupid such a statement really is. The Romans grew vines in the north of England and exported the wine made there – could you do that now? Isn’t that part of the record too? That is just one example I can give you many, many more.

Ah I hear you say, but I see it. It is getting warmer. It may well be or perhaps if you go back and really remember, it is just the impact of everyone telling you it’s warmer? I went back 10-years looking at my old iPhone photos – all stamped with time, location and date – I can tell you 10-years ago there were warm days in December and cold days in June too based on my photo collection. And, even if you are right what does it mean? Nothing. Climate is about trends in weather over millennia not years. You don’t live long enough to make a qualified statement if the truth be told.

And if it is getting warmer? what of it? We are told all sorts of dire things will happen. Yet, our ancestors lived in a much warmer world and thrived versus those who lived in a much colder one – and didn’t. You will read a lot of dire warnings but let’s just consider warmer shall we…

  • Warmer results in many less deaths than cooler – obvious really
  • There is actually no evidence that warmer means more cataclysmic weather events – in fact – it means less according to the current statistics

– again please google that to prove it to yourself. If you need help, email me.

More CO2 I hear you say. That horrible poisonous pollutant! Err… not really. You see if is plant food and plants can’t live without the stuff. There is much evidence that more not less CO2 is better for the planet which is certainly greening – a quick peek at NASA images shows that. Plants love CO2 and with more people to feed, more growth and more productivity from crops in a higher CO2 world is good. Oh and by the way, for the vast majority of this planet’s past, CO2 was up in the percentage range not down in the parts per million range. Ie. We have less of the stuff now than almost ever before.


The Greening Earth

Then consider this. If the climate didn’t change, If weather patterns didn’t change we could confidently say that the planet was dead. A living planet changes. And, why restrict ourselves to this planet. If man made CO2 is causing warming that is melting the ice caps then please tell me why the Martian ice caps are also melting? Unless of course those pesky Martians have been driving gas guzzling vehicles too?

Sorry, I’m not going to allow a bunch of alarmists bully and cajole me into going back to and 1870’s life style just because they believe in something I can show is false. And, if we all do go back to an 1870’s lifestyle just imagine the death toll…… Stalin and Mao will look positively nice compared to todays alarmists who seem to want to cull the human population. (Yes – they want no cars, no electricity, no gas…. no travel. Wind and solar can never be the sole providers of power and come with a huge set of environmental issues themselves. So what we supposed to do – burn wood?).

One last thing to think on. 26,000 years ago, a group of humans lived about 60km to the south of Brno where I am now. They hunted Mammoths and evidence off their short and harsh lives is very interesting and very much on display here in various museums. Back then, the glaciers extended down to just north of Brno.  So if all that warming to get to the current day weather here in Czechia took place over the last 26,000 years, why did it happen? As one of my facebook friends posted sarcastically – must have been the Mammoth farts as they surely weren’t driving Fords.


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