When Things Don’t Seem to Add up

Last night, I somehow ended up on Goodreads. Its not a place I go very often to be honest. I noticed a whole bunch of reviews for my books that I had never seen before tho so I read a few. I then clicked into a few other pages of the site before finally going back to my author profile. It was then that I noticed it.

Before I go on, a few years ago, I put out a book about the Black Eyed Kids. It did OK. I followed it up a bit later with a bunch more stories in a short book called the Black Eyed Demons are Coming. It did OK too.  While the first book was a bit of research into the BEK stories, the second was just a bunch of new stories I had come across. One night, bored, I thought I’d put both books together and create a new compilation of the two called The Chilling True Terror of the BEK. It sold really very well.

So, as I flick through Goodreads last night, I noticed something strange…

Review rankings of the three books as follows;

Your Haunted Lives 3 – The Black Eyed Kids – 4.24

The Black Eyed Demons are Coming – 3.82

So, this makes sense to me…. The first book is longer, quite well researched and much more than a bunch of short stories. The second is a bunch of short stories only….

But what is this?

The Chilling True Terror of the BEK – A Compilation – 3.79!

So, the combination of the two books has a lower review score than the two components? How on earth is that possible? It’s the same stuff, packaged together and CHEAPER than buying the two books independently…???

I drilled into the data a bit – number of reviews and so forth but I could find nothing weird. So I have to assume then that readers find a shorter, more expensive book to be better ?

Can that be a fact?


And you know what, it’s the same on Amazon USA site too…

Any opinions welcome….


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