Happy New Year

It is a funny thing, but I hate New Year’s Eve. Always have done. I could never quite understand the need to celebrate what is essentially just another day by getting drunk and letting off fireworks? Now, starting a New Year hung over. However, Happy New Year to you all!

I spent New Year’s Eve at home watching Netflix – it was perfect. At midnight, we stood on my back balcony and watched and listened to what seemed to be the break out of a war that went on pretty much all night. It reminded me of visiting the main square in Prague several years back on New Year’s Eve. Hundreds of people – many drunk – letting off rockets and bangers everywhere. Through the clouds of acrid smoke, it seemed to me as if the world was ending as opposed to another year starting. It was¬†downright dangerous, to be honest.

This year, I made no resolutions either as they never last. Instead, I am taking each day as it comes and will act accordingly. For me, New Year is a non-event. A waste of time and money. I sound like Scrooge don’t I? Seriously though, it is a total waste of time.

For many, it represents the opportunity to start afresh. An opportunity to renew and make some changes. Old habits can be consigned to the past and mistakes left behind. New Year’s Eve is symbolic of renewal and cleansing in that respect. But you know, we don’t need New Year’s Eve as an excuse to do that – we can choose to do it anytime, any day.

In the end, maybe it is this realization that has removed the excitement I used to feel on the 31st December each year. The realization that we can experience a New Year, a new beginning at any moment on any day of the year.

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