Humanity Has Cataracts

A couple of years ago, I was rather shocked when my eye doctor told me I was developing cataracts. She wanted to schedule for for lens replacement and I said no…. I can see quite well and I am in no rush to have my eye lenses replaced via an operation thank you!

Having said that, I am thinking of prescribing lens surgery for humanity at the moment.

We all see the world in our own way. We are sort of programmed by our parents, the broader community we live in, our teachers, friends, peer groups, the news and so much more. We see the world through these layers of our own belief and operate this way unless perhaps we become aware of it. Once aware of this, some of us develop an interest in the ‘occult’. Honestly, for most of us this is no more than using various age old techniques to learn who we are and discover what those lenses are that we see through. If you can alter that lens or lenses, you start to see the world very differently. However, this process must start with self exploration…. a ruthless examination of our faults and virtues.

Now, I could write a very long article about this topic but I won’t. Suffice to say, unless we awaken to the fact that the ‘out there’ is a reflection of the ‘inside’, we are simply drawn in to be manipulated by our own sense of reality. Our lenses in fact, cease to be lenses at all, but mirrors. We see in the world what we expect to see continually reinforcing what we always believed to be true. We develop spiritual cataracts in fact.

In the last few years, it seems to me that many in the world suffer from cataracts. It is this that has led to a rise in nationalism, hatred and so on. Today, I commented on a comment on a Facebook post about the horrendous attack on a synagogue in the USA. The person commenting lamented the attack and then proceeded to lay blame on the wicked ‘Islamist’ that perpetrated it. My comment was well – wait…. it was a white christian guy that did that. To my utter dismay, I was told I was wrong.

I wondered for a while how people can be blind to the facts. How people can blindly follow political leaders and causes that anyone realistically would understand are not positive. It was then I realized…. they have spiritual cataracts….. they see only what they think they should and their expectations are based on their beliefs and programming. OK – its not so simple perhaps but there is a large element of this prevalent right now. The blind follow the blind……




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