Dreams for the Dreaming

I’ve searched my entire life

In the darkest of corners

I never found that thing I sought

In the end it was a fleeting thought

And I forget what it was I was looking for

And so I am left wondering

If I don’t know the question

How can I find the answer?

It’s in my dreams

And my imagination

So it seems

An endless world

A universe

I seek it while it seeks me

Together we are one

And I would be eternally free

But I am alone chasing my tail

An errand in which I always fail

What am I looking for?

What could it be?

And night after night

I dream these dreams

In which, all is never what it seems

There are no ways out

Though I may scream and shout

I am trapped within my question

Trapped within this endless world

Built in dreamful imagination

It’s a puzzle, a conundrum

To have an answer

There must be a question

All I have is the quest

For I know not what



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