Did We Not Learn?

I feel we may be on the verge of night
As the darkness is slowly setting in
Lying like a heavy, claustrophobic, blanket
And that darkness conceals the sin
Of the many who through despair,
Or perhaps stupidity, have been drawn in
It’s a bloody twilight, threatening us all
It’s like a sickness or a plague
Anger, resentment and hatred
Perhaps, its simply frustration
A lack of understanding and an ability to cope
People losing their way, expressing lost hope
Besieged daily with untruths
Corrupt leaders striking popular poses
They stink, but still smell like roses
To their frightened adoring masses
As they ratchet up the untruths
Fingers on the hatred button
Empty promises from a power glutton
And as darkness slowly falls
We despair for what had been
The promise of yesterday extinguished
Amid this growing stupid hatred
Stirred by the guardians of darkness
Color, religion, gender, politics
Whose team are you on?
I tell you this
It’s time to chose
Or, lose the sight of any new dawn
As night closes in, we forget
How the Sun may look
We forget so easily
How this happened once before
And that time there was world war
Before the dawn broke again
There was incredible pain
Before the Sun meekly shone again
And understanding shot sprouts
Under the morning Sun
Never again, they said
Yet, here we go again……
Why did we not learn?

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