The Other Me

Got this person in my head

I used to think he was me

Now I see him as my enemy

He tells me I’m no good

Tells me, I’m a failure

The voice is mine

But these are not my words

Sometimes, he changes tune

Tells me I’m the shit

The bees knees

But I don’t believe him

Not one bit

Then sometimes

He likes to make me doubt

Lose my trust

In the stream of life

Fills my head with angst

And bitter strife

But, I found him out!

The voice is a liar

The voice isn’t me

He’s a bloody whiner

Chattering incessantly

I’m not listening anymore

Not reacting to his

Endless narrative

It’s my life

Not his

I don’t know who it is

This voice that sounds like me

Where did he come from?

How was he born?

I’m watching him now


I talk back

And tell him

Have faith

Trust in me

Trust in fate

Trust in the stream of life

Be still


Enjoy the ride

This other me

He’s no longer

Directing my life

I’m alive

I’m me

And I’m flowing


As if in a dream

The dream of life

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