Radio Memphis Got Some Mail…..

After my interview on Radio Memphis a few months ago, I stayed in touch with the DJ – Dianna – recently sending her my two latest songs – This Is Your Song (available on all digital outlets) and the soon to be released It’s My Life. Plainly, I touched her with what I wrote…. here is the story and the broadcast segment below….

Radio Memphis Around the World airs every Saturday afternoon from 1:00 PMCT – 5:00 PMCT. This is when Radio Memphis gets to step outside of Memphis and the Midsouth to listen to all kinds and styles of music from other cities and countries. And we’re here to tell you that our planet rocks.

Because of this, Dianna gets a lot of mail. She has decided that what better way to share even more information about the artists and the music that she gets to play on Saturdays then to share the actual messages that she receives from these artists with you.

Did you miss Dianna checking her mailbox this past Saturday, August 18th, 2018 live during the show? Catch the message she got from songwriter GARY VASEY of the Czech Republic right here.

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