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The Frog Prince

She grew up as a princess Spoiled through and through Graced by good looks and a photogenic face That took her far and wide Never needing to stand up for herself As rich men took her under wing Italy, Monte Carlo, and guilded palaces held her tall Moet and Cavier, Ferraris and five star Haute couture and the disco Paid the money that she saved The rich guys paid for her lifestyle And now it fades away like all things do The looks, the body, slowly fade She now has a home in Tuscany Where for now, she can relive The ghosts of her life But she is really alone And always will be For her heart does not know love Every time she found it She had reason to

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Should I Podcast?

I have been wondering about doing a podcast for a while now – something creepy perhaps? What do you think? Something like this – a video I did a couple of years ago now. Podcasting may be a little easier than building the video so maybe I will give it a try. Meanwhile – pop over to My Haunted Life Too for a bunch more terrifying ghost stories…. likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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Paranormal Erotica?

Well, not really but certainly a deep dive into the world of paranormal sex….. The news has been full of stories of women having sex with ghosts recently – from pop stars to those who seek the erotic pleasure of their own personal succubus or incubus, paranormal sex is on the rise. One woman recently claimed on UK TV to have given up men in favor of her ghost lovers! Best-selling paranormal and occult author, G. Michael Vasey investigates these and other accounts of sex with ghosts and other entities using real encounter stories, personal experiences and historical accounts. Sleep paralysis is the scientific explanation for these ‘hallucinations’ that occur on awakening when the mind is awake but the body still asleep. Yet, too many encounters with these night terrors

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